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Vilgard is a completely new form of transportation.

It is neither automobile, nor bicycle; it is new because it is somewhere inbetween. Think of it as having been created by using the DNA of an e-bike. Today it already answers tomorrow's urban mobility questions. Vilgard makes mobility fun again by giving its drivers a powerful and dynamic driving experience imaginable. And not only is this vehicle sustainable. It will also help convert your city into a more livable and lively home.

Technical Data

♦ Power Train: Pedal-Electric-Hybrid
♦ Safety: Stable Cabin
♦ Seats: 2
♦ Storage
♦ Length: 2,50 m
♦ Width: 1,20 m
♦ Height: 1,50 m
♦ Empty Weight: 300 kg
♦ Battery Weight: 60 kg
♦ Performance: 15 KW
♦ Range: 100 km
♦ Maximum Speed: 80 km/h
♦ Consumption: 5 kWh/100 km (0,5 l/100 km)
♦ CO2: 0 g/km (Green Energy)


Vilgard's core design include its high-tech frame that includes integrated functional modules. All of these make the vehicle light and stable.

In terms of design, Vilgard's exterior is less important. The frame's construction provides for the use of sustainable components such as natural fiber reinforced synthetic materials.

Parts of the exterior are transparent, which allows the driver to actually feel the external movement dynamic.

Power train

The high-performance hybrid power train merges human muscle power with the efficiency of an electric motor. The driver feels as though s/he is moving the vehicle with his/her own muscle power.

S/he is, however, supported by the irrestible boost of power through the electric motor. This incredible feeling is known as the seven league boot effect.

Hybrid power systems have become famous throughout the e-bike industry. It is developing into a mass market phenomenon in the bicycle industry.

Safety First

Vilgard has a remarkably stable inner cabin in which the passengers not only can feel safe, but actually also are safe, when compared to similar vehicles on the road. Vilgard technology protects in the unlikely case of a collision. Our crash-related technology absorbs the energy and helps reduce the impact of on the passengers.

Vilgard has excellent safety features that serve to actively prevent accidents in the first place. Four tires ensure road stability. The passengers are seated at eye level with other drivers so that they have a bird's eye view of the road and road conditions. In spite of the comparatively small size of the Vilgard, the driver's field-of-view is impressively large because of the hight of the vehicle.

And finally, Vilgard's front end is relatively small, which means that the probability of an accident is statistically reduced compared to other, wider vehicles on the road.


Passengers are protected from the elements because the Vilgard is closed and covered. Air circulation and the ambient temperature within the vehicle can be adjusted to the desired level of comfort of the passengers.

The high position of the vehicle and the traditional door concept mean that getting in and out of the vehicle is both easy and comfortable.

Gone shopping? The trunk has extendible room for your bags.

And, of course, Vilgard can log into the cell phone network of your choice. And it goes without saying that you can order a state-of-the-art sound system with your Vilgard.